The Newly Engaged Foodie

Hello to everyone who has stumbled upon my humble blog!! Just as a heads up and forewarning I have no idea what I am doing. I merely decided that maybe it would be a good idea for me to pelt my college student budget frustrations all over the internet. I love food. Okay? Like seriously, food means more to me than a bouquet of flowers. My fiance once mentioned while we were dating that buying me a dozen roses for our one year would cost more then the dinner at a  restaurant we went to. I will happily sacrifice a expensive vase of  potpourri for a decadent vegetarian enchilada at an authentic Mexican restaurant. That being said living on a college budget makes food experimentation a bit difficult. Yes I am grateful that I make enough money to feed myself, but living on Chewy bars and Hormel ready meals just is not the same as a warm home cooked meal. Fortunately my fiance loves me and makes sure that I get a change to “cook meals.” Living in a dorm cuts me off from everything but peanut butter sandwiches, granola bars, and luke warm ready meals BUT because he has his own place with necessary appliances it makes cooking a healthy and delicious meal possible. However on top of my scarce college budget we are now together on a “we are paying for our entire wedding budget.” So as a woman who completely devotes her life to being a health nut (literally that’s my major) not being able to explore the realms of fresh and local fruits and vegetables and homemeade breads makes me feel a bit on the hypocritical side. My plan for this blog is to describe various issues surronding my foodie urges weekly as well as try to jump outside the box of boring budget foods and onto a plate of plentiful delight 🙂


The Foodie

2 thoughts on “The Newly Engaged Foodie

  1. Katie, I LOVE your little blog! I too, am on a really tight budget, and often must feed 3-4 on a shoe string. I recommend eschewing the big grocery stores, like Weis and Giant, in favor of dicount grocery stores and local farmer’s markets (Aldi, Price Right, Amelia’s Sharp Shopper). I go to the big stores only when I can’t find an item at the doscount stores (i.e. Weis has the cheapest price on all natural PB, and we use Smart Balance instead of margarine, which is rarely available at the discount stores ). This approach really saves us some money! I am absolutely going to try your granola bars. However, you should check out quinoa muffins. You already have most of the ingredients, and they are both yummy and healthy. I’ll be checking back often! Jen Taylor

    • Mrs. Taylor,

      Thanks soo much for the encouragement and advice!! I am accumulating ingredients as I go :). Let me know if you have any fun recipes or any other ideas to share 🙂

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