Morning Sugar Rush

This morning started off twith a lovely loud diddy that my ears just unfortunately refused to acknowledge. After a couple moments of convincing my toes that the ground would not be cold and my covers would be warm later, I slugged off the side and began my morning with a warm shower. Everyone knows that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. My rumbling tummy lets me know when the tank is empty and needs to be refueled. Typically I stash a few things in my fiance’s fridge to keep my food from going bad. One of those things is my bagel stash. I primarily buy  very processed diet bagels at whatever store is cheapest. Usually before I leave from his appartment to go home for the night, I grab a bagel. This is only worked out three-four times. Therefore my snack pile made up of Quaker Chewy bars quickly depleted


It only took me four or five days to go through this box. The irritating part of it is that they are not filling. So I shove two or three in my mouth and then an hour later I am starving. In one bar there is 1 and half teaspoons of sugar. Becuase this morning I had three bars I digested one and a half tablespoons of pure sugar.

I feel like all my calories I have been noshing on are empty and leave my body completely unsatified with the store bought flavors…

Due to this injustice and the fact that I am now out of snack food, I need a granola bar the will not let me down in terms of price and health. I have five dollars to spend…that is it. My plan? Well I decided that I want to make homemade granola bars. Better tasting and better for you. So with five bucks and box of quick oats anyone have any suggestions?


The Foodie

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