Coming in Under Budget

After rushing around like a mad hen from 6:35am to 7:00pm, I finally was able to make it to the grocery store last night. I was tired and hungry and very thankful that my fiance had made me a yummy peanut butter sandwhich on one of my blueberry bagels. We bolted into Weis Markets and began a search for his weekly buys and my crazy ingredients. Previously that day, I researched and combined five different recipes online, including the one posted in the comments from TheFrugalGirl :). I came up with my own concotion and was determined to buy all the necessary components under five dollars.

Behold!! Well actually,  I only had enough money to buy 6 large eggs, iodized salt, and applesauce. The oatmeal, honey, and vanialla were items bought previously. Thank Goodness! Some of the vanilla and honies you can buy are a combined total of seven dollars!! I promise to show my math later, but I managed to come in under five dollars. Unfortunately I still did not have enough to get the last two ingredients (raisins (3 dollars per bag!!!) and brown sugar). Due to the lateness of my shopping spree, my fiance kicked me out of his crib before I had any time to bake. He said he had a 5am 6 mile run in the morning…good luck that.  So stay tuned for scoop on the skinny granola bar recipe.

On a lighter note…

I managed to swipe a bagel for breakfast 🙂


The Foodie

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