I Survived a Drive-By

I was afraid to pullover, but I had to do something about it. I was not sure where to go. I had so many options, but I just could not decide which would be safest for me…At the redlight, the red and yellow glow of the Sheetz gas station caught my eye. Mesmerized I followed the path up the road to my new destination…This was going to get ugly…

The rain was pouring hard at the time…7:35am to be exact. I grabbed my wallet and rain into Sheetz.


I was bombarded by the scent of icing dripping off of  freshly baked donuts..high sugar coffees topped with flavored creams…discounted breakfast burritos saturated with grease…I had to find something and quick…

I took a chance at the big screen…started pushing buttons…all I could find was the overusage of the word “shw” and everything meat.

I circled up and down the aisles tempted to grab a cheap maple syrup sausage cheese shwbiscut or whatever..when something caught my eye.

Relieved that it was much cheaper than normal ($2.99 when normally $3.69), I snagged one and went on the hunt for something light yet satisfying to pair this drink with…cookies no. cheese no. apple pie…maybe-no…

Then my eyes saw what deep inside I have been looking for all this time


woot! woot!! Honey Nut Cherrios were apart of THIS complete breakfast.

Safe, yet a little scarred by the overdose of sugar potpouri, I was finally on my way to my work. I survived the fast food drive by, did you??

P.S. There was no actual shootings during the blogging of this post. I went against my budget ($4.58 for breakfast) due to the lack of sustainance this morning because I had forgotten to prepare my breakfast the night before. (EPIC failure)

Don’t you just love these kind of days 🙂

Whether you do or not, how do you survive fast food drive bys when you are in a frantic tizzy in the morning?


The Foodie

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