Business Upfront, Party in the Back

Now as much as it may disappoint you, I am not talking about mullets.

One of my best friends is having a Gender Reveal Party this upcoming weekend where everyone including them finds out the baby’s gender.

It will be an adorably quaint occasion where the feast will be potluck style.

Although my favorite way to spend my time is baking, my friend specifically asked everyone to bring dinner and side dishes only.

I want to make something different yet yummy, yet not expensive…as well as vegetarian style (mainly because I have yet to master the art of meat cooking as well as I want to make something healthy)

Due to the dwindling size of my funds, I can only choose one recipe idea.

Either it will be a Sweet Pea and Mint soup, which would light and tasty side

Taken by Kana Okada

from (

or grilled vegetables.

Taken from (

They are both  flexible and can be manageable under a small budget..However the veggies to require  a good bit of added spices which could get costly fairly fast.

I will of course be asking her which she prefers and go from there, but I do leave this discussion open for suggestions or ideas for great vegetarian sides/meals on an itsy bitsy budget.


The Foodie

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