Whole Wheat Summer Squash Pancakes

It was a dark and dreary night…

Rain poured incessantly outside the window..

With a crack of lightning, the power flicks off and on again…

My original plan was to use an awesome recipe online, but due to the intense storm I did not want to push my luck with the computer..

So I made this one up.



Whole Wheat Summer Squash Pancakes

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 tsp vanilla

1 egg ( can use egg substitue)

1 medium squash

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 to 1/2 cup milk



*Yields about 5-6 pancakes


1. First clean and peel the yellow squash.


2. Chop up the squash.


3. Place the squash in a medium pot filled halfway with water. Place pot over medium heat on stove.

Allow this to come to a boil..Let it boil for about 20-30 or until it becomes mashable.


4. Drain squash and mash.


5. Combine the egg, vanilla, brown sugar, flour, milk, and cinnamon into a bowl.



6. Add mixture to squash.


7. Spray some cooking spray into a medium frying pan over med to high heat and drop the desired amount of batter.


8. When the top of pancake bubbles and is ready, flip!





-The Foodie


Semi-Homemade Gluten Free Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake

So I kind of cheated with this one..


But it was only because this mix alone cost about 4 dollars and that was the cheap version for these cupcakes!


It was already going to be a pricey dessert due to the fresh strawberries ranging from 3 to 5 dollars…

Talking about breaking the bank…


So this was a fairly east recipe due to the lack of extra mixing.

For those who are thinking of replicating this recipe, any gluten free cake mix will do and just follow the recipe on the box…

Of course I did make some substitutions with the butter and eggs.


Semi-Homemade Gluten Free Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake

** Follow amounts on box!**


Applesauce (in place of butter)

Egg substitute/whites

12-16 Strawberries

**Yields about 24-30 cupcakes

Typically when you make cupcakes, you preheat the oven to either 350 degrees or 325 degrees depending on your oven and cupcake pan type.

Plop in the empty cupcake wrappers and lets begin!


1. Dump the box into a medium to large mixing bowl.





2. Add vanilla, applesauce, and eggs.




3. Stir it up until its all nice a smooooth.



Check it out, a whisk! O the joys of baking at my parents’ house…


4. Using a scooper or sturdy spoon, pour enough batter to cover only half of what you consider to be a full serving into the cupcake wrapper.


5. Next slice up the strawberries…depending on the size you can use halves or quarter sized pieces…and place one piece into each cupcake wrapper.






6. Next pour more batter over top covering most of the strawberry…you will need to make sure you have enough batter to do this to all of the cupcakes.




7. Now they are ready to be popped into the oven for about 18-20 minutes. Test with a toothpick to see if done.


8. Once the toothpick comes out clean, yank them out and allow them to cool for about 5 minutes before moving them from the pan to a plate.



9. Next is the frosting!! After about 20 minutes to a half an hour, cutting a hole in a plastic sandwich bag, I frosted them with my sister’s amazing homemade strawberry frosting.

….Unfortunately I forget to ask what the recipe was, but at least they came out delicious.




10. Because these cupcakes were for my niece’s 6th birthday party, I decided to stick with the pink zebra theme (which is my most favoritest animal by the way) by melting 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate and just drizzling it over top for some nice stripes.


Yes they do kinda look like spots, but I did not say I was a professional cake decorator…


Overall, these were a scrumptious alternative for my cousin with celiac disease and for anyone else who had enough room for more dessert.


**One thing I did notice though was that it was difficult to get the cupcake out of the wrapper. My sister said it was because of the strawberries, so I recommend using gluten free flour  to dust the berries before you plop them into the cupcake to prevent goopiness…

Hope you enjoyed this one!



-The Foodie


A Word From the Big Guy in the Sky…

Last night was an interesting night of squirrelled up anxiety and relief…

At one time I went from feeling collected and progressive to baffled and unmovable.

While this ping pong emotional fest was pounding away in my noggin, I lolligaged through the grocery store for essentials like green tea and deodorant…

My fiance was doing his best to settle this rocky ship on the storm brewing inside of me by sneaking in quick kisses and tactful tickle fights down the aisles.

He teased me with boxes of oreos that I relentlessly glanced at…

I knew if that if he purchased me that box they would be gone by the time we would get back his place.

Then we ventured down the ice cream aisle…

I started going nuts and contemplated the thought of  indulging in my weakness, but then the vision of my wedding dress popped into my head and the storm began quake with thunder.

I felt as if sharp lightning bolts spewed from my mouth and landed on my fiance who helplessly just stood there.

All emotional and strained out we decided to walk by the alcohol…

And this is what we saw…

I was never prom queen, BUT I was swept away by my prince charming..

I felt like a chicken butt for overreacting and taking my aggression on the one person who will always love and cherish me.

Therefore I scuffed away the idea of  creating my own six pack and settled for a raspberry tea.

 The purpose of this post  lies within a Bible verse that was given to me this morning…

Psalm 141:3: “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” 

You know I can allow the world to drive me to drink, but a drunk conversation is a sloppy one and is usually not one to be remembered.

Despite the struggles inside that we as humans always face on a day to day basis, our words can still be purposeful and uplifting rather than destructive.

Just a thought.

Thanks for listening to me rant,

-The Foodie

No Bake Dark ChocoOat PB Cookies

These were an epically delicious rendition of a no bake chocolatey delight.

I was in a hurry to throw something together for a healthy, but scrumptiously light snack for Bible study when I came across this recipe…

It was a no bake cookie by Diana Rattray from about.com

(If you would like to check out the original  recipe here is the link: http://southernfood.about.com/od/cookies-bars-candy/ss/No-Bake-Cookies.htm)

Although they will not win the prize for most dainty dessert or prettiest nom, I am pretty sure they will win over your tastebuds…just ask one of the guys at Bible study..

He had at least four…

This recipe is easy and fairly low maintainence, just like I like ’em.

No Bake ChocoOat PB Cookies

  • 4 ounces apple sauce
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons peanut butter, optional
  • 3 cups quick oatmeal or rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

These recipe yields about 24-30 cookies*

The thing I love about this recipe is that it only requires 5 steps.

1. Dump dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, oats, and vanilla in medium bowl.

2. Combine applesauce, water, brown sugar, and powdered sugar into a medium pot and bring to a boil.

**Allow to boil for 1 minute**

3.  Add the hot mixture to the chocolate chip/oats/PB/vanilla.

4. As soon as possible, stir the two mixtures, and spoon out dollops of batter onto wax paper on a 9 x 13 baking sheet.

5. Lastly, let those puppies cool and then put them into the fridge/freezer for about an hour to solidify.

**If you have less then an hour I recommend the freezer for as long as possible

And there you have it!

Tasty treats quick, easy, and healthy!

Thanks for stopping by!

-The Foodie

Sharing the Love

You know your fiance loves you when he buys you every oreo treat your heart desires.

Especially if thats a mint oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen.

I forget the name of the mall, but after a healthy lunch with him and his cousins we decided to indulge…

This small little thing packs in a whole lot of goodness with the downside of slim down disappointment

For a small Mint Oreo Blizzard ..

520 calories

18 grams of fat

How could something that looked and tasted this good be so bad?

Well we decided to split this yummiclicous goodie to relieve the guilt over both our heads…

Mmmm each bite sang in my mouth as the mint cream swirled with the chunks of chocolate…

And to me the splitting seemed like 75/25 with my fiance getting to enjoy more spoonfuls of joy.

I wanted more…



No fiances were harmed in the paired feasting of this blizzard. 😉


-The Foodie

Gluten Free Chocolate Delight Crunch

Long name, right?

Well I did not know how else to describe this thrown together creation

Originally, my plan was to make a gluten free chocolate pie..

Originally, everything I needed was going to be at one store at the last minute…

Well I scrambled up some random ingredients and concoted something that would just not do well in the heat at the church picnic…

I started to panic and wondered if my reputation of making delicious treats would be demolished…

So I decided to use whatever ingredients I could find that were leftover from the  battle earlier that morning.

Here’s what I had:

The Crunch

2 cups rice krispies (gluten free)

4 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp caramel syrup

The Chocolate

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

3 tsp water

The Delight (glaze)

4 tbsp Brown sugar

2 tsp cinn sug

2 tsp Vanilla

2 tsp Water

Yields 12-16 servings*


1. So first we start out by mixing up The Crunch. Combine the rice krispies and brown sugar. Try to remove any chunky pieces of brown sugar.


2. Next add in the vanilla and half of the caramel syrup.

3. Spread the mixture flat onto a greased baking sheet.

3. Drizzle the rest of the caramel syrup over top.


If you want more caramel taste, feel free to add more syrup.


4. Pop it into an oven at 150 degrees (yes just barely turn on the oven) for a about 2-3 minutes.

You really just want the mix to get slightly crunchy/chewy.

Set aside and begin The Chocolate.

5. Pour your dark chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl.


6. Pop the chips into the  microwave for about 45 seconds to a minute.

7. Take out and stir chips.

If need be, add a splash of water to reduce the stiffness of the melted chips.

You want the consistnecy to be thick, but soft enough to mix and spread evenly


9. In aluminum pie pan (or regular pie pan), combine The Crunch and The Chocolate.

You want to make sure all of the Crunch is coated in the Chocolate.

Now its time to break out The Delight.

10. Put brown sugar and cinnamon sugar in a bowl and mix it up.

Try to get the ingredients as evenly distributed as possible.


11. Add the vanilla.

12. Because you want to have a glazey liquid consistency add splashes of water as needed.


13.  Dribble this Delight over the symphony of chocolate and rice krispies.


14. Let cool in the fridge for about 10 minutes before serving.

The sweet older ladies at the picnic loved this treat!

That is where I got the name from…


One lady asked me what it was called and I told her I did not have a name for it.

“How about chocolate delight?”

Sounded like a good idea to me.



-The Foodie


Turning Up the Heat

Crazy, tired, hungry, and all over theplace… the heat was getting to me.

It was the night of our weekly Bible study and I wanted to prepare a snack to bring.

Naturally I wanted to prepare something quick and easy due to lack of time, so I decided to make the Karmel Apple Oooey Gooey Chewies.

I had already gotten off my internship and then work and was just about to get started with the snack when my fiance calls to tell me was going to be very late.

He asked me to make the chicken that was still in his freezer for dinner…

Well I did not have time to sit around and fight frozen chicken breasts with a Walmart butterknife…

I got a little agitated because of his out there request and my already burned out brain did not catch my rookie baking mistake…

Frustrated at myself for leaving all of the aluminum pans at other peoples’ houses that I knew I would never see again, I grabbed a baking sheet and placed wax paper on it….

I dumped the mixture for the Chewies and placed it into the oven…

I bet you can already see where I am going with this.

Well all of the sudden smoke begins to fill the entire efficiency apartment and I am running around opening the door, turning on all available fans, and standing with the oven mitts over my head flailing the smoke out the door.

Time was ticking and a part of me was still holding onto the hope that I could sneak a quick workout in.

Working fast, I yanked the cooled down wax paper with the mixture on top and flipped onto a frantically greased baking sheet.

Feeling like an idiot I threw it back into the oven and turned down the heat.

Stressed out and worn I managed to salvage the Karmel Apple Oooey Gooey Chewies.

Despite my grumpiness and fatigue everyone seemed to enjoy the treats immenesly.


Feel free to share your rookie baking and cooking mistakes.



The Foodie

Pie for the Masses

Hello all!

So this post is more like a suggestion box.

I am planning on making a gluten free pie for our church’s community day this Saturday.

The pastor’s wife and good friend of mine loves loves loves desserts, but she just has issues with the gluten.

Not many people think to bring gluten free desserts.

So my plan is to use my yummy budget friendly no bake gluten free crust as mentioned in my American Apple Crumble Pie post.

But I am limited to filling options.

I wanted to with a dark chocolate pie filling that is budget friendly, delicious, and healthy.

If anyone’s got suggestions bring them to me because I am not finding to much out there in the ways of recipes that match all 3 requirements.

Leave me a line and I will get back to you!


The Foodie

For the Love of Oreos…

On the way to there I felt all my nerves bundle tightly at the edge of my neck…

I had only dreamed of this moment

We get closer and a fear of being unable to get my fix caused my heart to flutter…

As I stepped out of the car, my fiance took my hand…he told me they would be out…

My nerves bit me hard until I head began to throb.

I stood at the counter overwhelmed by calm and fragrances of things that would only destroy me, but I had to have.

“One small oreo coolatta please,” my fiance ordered.

“Want whipped cream on that-”

“Heck yea I do,” as I interrupted the sales clerk.

Hello everyone I am an oreoaholic…

It has been 23 hours and 24 minutes since my last oreo dessert…the cravings are beginning already.

Before I had received the drink of bliss, my fiance and I promised each other we would share it…

Yeah well he had to fight me for it…

You see what gets me all hyped up about sharing with him is that his sip is equivalent to my 3 sips.

Every time he glanced over to see if he could sneak a turn, I would respond with a sideswipe glance and huge obnoxious sip…

Needless to say it got a bit competitive.

We both were in oreo cloud nine, but he knew I wanted to slurp the bottom..

He teased me by slurping 75% of the bottom and that’s when things got a little out of control…

I went to grab it out of his hand and I accidentally smacked his face…


Then we both cracked up as I apologized and asked him nicely for the rest of the drink and he kindly handed it to me

(I bet it was because he was afraid I would fight back if he did not listen)

So to end the story the oreo coolatta rocked my world and because I shared it with a loved one, I did not have to take on all those calories alone!


The Foodie

Milk Chocolate Chunky Peanut Butter Cups

After feeling pretty good about those kitkat bars, I decided to expand my candy horizon…

As well as use up the leftover ingredients to compile a belated Father’s day gift…


Now the sweet thing about this recipe is that you can really make it your own.


If you do not like milk chocolate, but prefer dark chocolate go for it!


If you prefer creamy PB over chunky, use creamy!


Its going to get a little messy in few moments, but fist lets mention our leading cast.


The Chocolate Coating

1 cup of milk chocolate chips

1/2 cup milk (use any kind!)

1/4 tsp vanilla


The Peanut Butter Filling AKA Peanut Butter Goop

1 cup chunky peanut butter

1 cup powdered sugar

1/4 cup milk (use only as needed)


You going to need to lay wax paper over a 9 X 13 cookie sheet.

Also you want to use mini cupcake liners to hold the chocolate and peanut butter goop.

**You may need to double up on cupcake liners if you put a little too much in.

Yields 30-35 chocolate chunky peanut butter cups

1. Start by getting a cereal bowl and mix up the chunky peanut butter and powdered sugar in the Peanut Butter Filling recipe.


2. Add the milk into the peanut butter and powdered sugar mixture slowly as you stir. In reality you just want to make the consistency creamy not runny, so do not feel like you have to use all the milk.



3. Set the peanut butter aside and dump the chocolate chips and milk from the Chocolate Coating recipe into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for about 1 minute.



Now the consistency will be very runny making it easy to drizzle over the peanut butter goop.


4. To the chocolate mixture, add in the vanilla and stir.



5. Next comes the messy part. For the first few PB cups I doubled up the cupcake liner.


6. Then I took a tiny spoonful of peanut butter goop and gently ploped it into the liner.


7. Lastly I drizzled just enough chocolate coating over top to cover most of it.



8. I would recommend popping these in the fridge for 2 hours and then the freezer overnight.


Do not let sit out of fridge too long or else they will melt.


Some things to consider…


I had a bit of  a difficulty getting a solid consistency that would pop out of the wrapper.


Therefore these tend to stick to the sides of the liner and are a little soft…


I am working on how to create either a more solid filling or thicker outside coating.


But overall these are a delicious treat and delight to make!


The Foodie