An Oreo Obsessed Foodie’s Dream…

So today is one of those days that I am just feeling like blah…

And the weather been truly redonkulously hot! (yes, it is a real word)

Everyday, on my way to my internship I have been seeing a huge billboard ad for Dunkin Donuts..

DD website

Except for the ad shows this lovely ensemble…

 DD website

Oreo donut and oreo beverages!!!

Oh geez! I can’t help but fall in love!

Everyday I also pass a Dunkin Donuts..

But then I look at this….

Nutritional facts for small 16oz oreo coolatta

Calories 420

Total fat 9g

Ttoal sugar 75 g

Taken from

This sugar laced goodness makes my knees weak…

I am determined to drench my tastebuds in oreo coolatta heaven…

Thank goodness they have healthy alternatives like using soy milk instead of regular..

To be continued…

The Foodie

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