Turning Up the Heat

Crazy, tired, hungry, and all over theplace… the heat was getting to me.

It was the night of our weekly Bible study and I wanted to prepare a snack to bring.

Naturally I wanted to prepare something quick and easy due to lack of time, so I decided to make the Karmel Apple Oooey Gooey Chewies.

I had already gotten off my internship and then work and was just about to get started with the snack when my fiance calls to tell me was going to be very late.

He asked me to make the chicken that was still in his freezer for dinner…

Well I did not have time to sit around and fight frozen chicken breasts with a Walmart butterknife…

I got a little agitated because of his out there request and my already burned out brain did not catch my rookie baking mistake…

Frustrated at myself for leaving all of the aluminum pans at other peoples’ houses that I knew I would never see again, I grabbed a baking sheet and placed wax paper on it….

I dumped the mixture for the Chewies and placed it into the oven…

I bet you can already see where I am going with this.

Well all of the sudden smoke begins to fill the entire efficiency apartment and I am running around opening the door, turning on all available fans, and standing with the oven mitts over my head flailing the smoke out the door.

Time was ticking and a part of me was still holding onto the hope that I could sneak a quick workout in.

Working fast, I yanked the cooled down wax paper with the mixture on top and flipped onto a frantically greased baking sheet.

Feeling like an idiot I threw it back into the oven and turned down the heat.

Stressed out and worn I managed to salvage the Karmel Apple Oooey Gooey Chewies.

Despite my grumpiness and fatigue everyone seemed to enjoy the treats immenesly.


Feel free to share your rookie baking and cooking mistakes.



The Foodie

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