Sharing the Love

You know your fiance loves you when he buys you every oreo treat your heart desires.

Especially if thats a mint oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen.

I forget the name of the mall, but after a healthy lunch with him and his cousins we decided to indulge…

This small little thing packs in a whole lot of goodness with the downside of slim down disappointment

For a small Mint Oreo Blizzard ..

520 calories

18 grams of fat

How could something that looked and tasted this good be so bad?

Well we decided to split this yummiclicous goodie to relieve the guilt over both our heads…

Mmmm each bite sang in my mouth as the mint cream swirled with the chunks of chocolate…

And to me the splitting seemed like 75/25 with my fiance getting to enjoy more spoonfuls of joy.

I wanted more…



No fiances were harmed in the paired feasting of this blizzard. 😉


-The Foodie

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