A Word From the Big Guy in the Sky…

Last night was an interesting night of squirrelled up anxiety and relief…

At one time I went from feeling collected and progressive to baffled and unmovable.

While this ping pong emotional fest was pounding away in my noggin, I lolligaged through the grocery store for essentials like green tea and deodorant…

My fiance was doing his best to settle this rocky ship on the storm brewing inside of me by sneaking in quick kisses and tactful tickle fights down the aisles.

He teased me with boxes of oreos that I relentlessly glanced at…

I knew if that if he purchased me that box they would be gone by the time we would get back his place.

Then we ventured down the ice cream aisle…

I started going nuts and contemplated the thought of  indulging in my weakness, but then the vision of my wedding dress popped into my head and the storm began quake with thunder.

I felt as if sharp lightning bolts spewed from my mouth and landed on my fiance who helplessly just stood there.

All emotional and strained out we decided to walk by the alcohol…

And this is what we saw…

I was never prom queen, BUT I was swept away by my prince charming..

I felt like a chicken butt for overreacting and taking my aggression on the one person who will always love and cherish me.

Therefore I scuffed away the idea of  creating my own six pack and settled for a raspberry tea.

 The purpose of this post  lies within a Bible verse that was given to me this morning…

Psalm 141:3: “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” 

You know I can allow the world to drive me to drink, but a drunk conversation is a sloppy one and is usually not one to be remembered.

Despite the struggles inside that we as humans always face on a day to day basis, our words can still be purposeful and uplifting rather than destructive.

Just a thought.

Thanks for listening to me rant,

-The Foodie

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