SNAP Challenge Shopping Trip…and fall on face…

Grocery shopping.

It’s been one of my favorite past times since I was a child.

At some point I believe my mom actually let me bring my own shopping cart and make own “list”.

It was quite the adventure.

Reaching the top of the bottom shelf, my eyes would glue themselves to anything chocolate, fruity and/or  colorful.

Mainly I spent most of my “shopping” in the cereal and breakfast aisle.

As my shopping senses developed, I now find myself scrounging for deals.

Still attracted to colorful chocolate products, my taste has expanded however to the delicacies of tea.

Any who, as a couple, my husband and I normally enjoy the quest of pinching pennies and getting the most out our dollar during the weekly shopping trip.

This experience was a little different. There was a bit more tension.


We had about $6 less then normal and had to basically start from scratch because one of the rules is that we are not allowed to use anything besides what we purchased this week.

Let me just say this, it wasn’t my first argument over whether or not we could purchase yogurt, but because of the added stress of  the”how are going to do this” we had a bit of qualm outside the frozen food section.

After that, we pressed onward.  We hashed it out and were able to start fresh with new perspective.

With $19.60 we purchased:

  • Snyder’s Tortilla chips 0.99
  • Chewy Granola Bars (10 in a box)  0.99
  • Salt & Pepper 0.89
  • Cherrios (2 boxes) 2.00
  • A dozen eggs  1.39
  • 4lbs of flour      0.50
  • Hamburger Helper  0.99
  • Quaker Rice Crisps 0.50
  • Popcorn (4 bags) 0.99
  • 2lb rice      1.58
  • Yeast  0.50
  • Jelly   1.68
  • Peanut Butter   1.98
  • Canned tomatoes 0.72
  • Dried black beans (1lb) 1.72
  • Butter   0.98
  • Mixed vegetables     0.94

Snap challenge

With the week looking like a a lot of PB&Js and dry cereal, this weekend will be our last indulgence until Monday morning.

Look for my first SNAP week challenge post update sometime on Monday (16th) or Tuesday (17th)

Drop a line if you plan on participating in the challenge with me!

Thanks for reading!

-The Foodie


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