$30 a week plan

So here is the scoop.

Debt is something that people think is inevitable and will always be apart of our lives. My husband and I refuse to let this become something that control our lives. Unfortunately, we have already accumulated debt and with “gazelle like intensity”, as Dave Ramsey puts it, we intend on getting free and no longer being a slave to debt.

So how does this relate to our food plan?

Many people think we crazy on only eating $30 a week. Its something that you have to work hard to achieve and have the resources to do so. It’s all about planning ahead and leaving a little bit of wiggle room within the tightness of the belt. It’s one the quickest ways to save money to pay off your needs.

How do we do it?

We live within our means. It took us up to this point in our marriage (about 7 months) to get some sort of system. We couponed. We bargained. We overate. We underate. We over salted and sugared everything.  Now we plan and complete this mission effectively and deliciously. We also typically don’t use coupons, but I am willing to learn how if anyone would like to teach me!

Where do we go?

We shop among 3 places. A local discount grocery store, a local farmer’s market, and Walmart.

We purchase most of our items at discount store where we get 95% of our taxables like toilet paper and paper towels.  We allot for $15 at the discount store, $7-10 at the farmer’s market depending on our needs that week, and if we need anything we cannot find at the discount store cheaper, with the leftover money we go to Walmart. Throughout this blog you will see in more detail on how I am able to really make our dollar stretch while still getting super delicious and healthy meals.

The week.

We make a lot of our food from scratch which is part of the reason why things are so cheap. I make our own bread, for example, as well as our own pizza, ice cream, and sometimes snacks.  In order for this to work effectively with our busy schedules I developed a meal plan for the week

Mondays are quiche/casserole night

Tuesdays and Thursday are rice/cous cous and veggies night

Wednesdays are crock-pot nights

Fridays are pizza nights

Weekends we play it by ear because we travel a lot for family events and share meals with friends.

Like I said before, I plan on going into more detail as I blog. Its a lot of work and a lot to think about.  It’s very rewarding! Feel free to ask any questions about my husband and I’s journey! We are here to share and bless!!

-The Foodie


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