Good afternoon foodies,

Its been too long since I have blown the dust off my page.

Here is a quick update!!


I was nominated for the cold water challenge. I decided to pledge to raise $1000 for my local charity. If I did I would take the plunge. And I did (Labor day weekend)!


My hubby and I have been very blessed financially. This semester (my 3rd in grad school) I again have received a graduate assistant making it possible for us to pay for this fall semester out of pocket!!

Now back to today’s news. The SNAP Challenge!

Quick background. SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

This program provides funding for low-income families food shopping at about $4.50 per person/day.

The SNAP Challenge is hosted by Feeding America.

The purpose of this challenge is to bring awareness to those in our local community who live in hunger everyday!

This affects both young and old.

According to Feeding America statistics:

-Twelve million children are estimated to be served by Feeding America, over 3.5 million of which are ages 5 and under.

-Nearly 3 million elderly persons are served by Feeding America each year.  18.6 percent of client households have at least one member who is age 65 or over, and 52 percent of these households are food insecure – an estimated 1.2 million households.

Since November 2013, budget cuts reduced the allotted amount of $4.50/day to $1.40/day.

Therefore, my husband and I will be living off of $1.40 per person per day for 1 week.

(Sept. 16th-22nd)

That means $19.60/wk.

This challenge requires that we do not eat/drink any food/beverages we did not purchase that week. We are also to refrain from receiving free food from others or at work/school.

 This means no more using the Keurig at work 😦 .

My husband and I are not strangers to tight budgets.

I will be honest, we already live off of $25/wk including taxable items like sandwich bags, cleaning products, paper products, hygiene products etc.

As mentioned before, we are not allowed to use what we already have. This will be one our biggest challenges because it took us forever to build up the essentials.

I checked to make sure that our local stores accepted SNAP. I felt it wouldn’t be fair to shop where those using SNAP would not be able to shop for their families.

My husband suggested only using essential cooking tools. Like pots and pans.

That means no food processor, blender, crock, pasta maker etc.

This is because not everyone can afford these luxuries and must make do with what they have the old fashion way.

Interestingly enough, my niece and nephew will be joining us for 2 days during our SNAP challenge week. Therefore, for those 2 days we will add  $2.40 X 2 onto our total food budget ($25.60)

Might I mention that these munchkins are picky eaters..

All in all, I will do my best to blog throughout the week of challenge (Sept. 16th-22nd) as well share receipts and recipes along the way!

Please join me in this challenge, and donate that extra money you save during this challenge to  Feeding America!

-Good Luck!


$30 A Week

Hello fellow foodies!!

Its been a bit since I have been able to blog and I feel like a bad friend who forgets to hold the door open for you after I have already walked in. I enjoy it, its not terribly out of my way to do it, but sometimes I just forget about it.

Newly wedded and jumping into grad school has consumed all of my time..I was wondering when I would have the time to blog. Alas my wonderful hubby suggested blogging a bit more practically. 

Before I was waiting for something to come up for me to make a delicious treat.  As much as I love doing that,its been too hectic to just whip up elaborately thought out desserts.

Therefore I decided to tweak this blog a bit. 

My hubby and have gone through  Financial Peace University. (We recommend it to everyone) We decided to make drastic life changes to get out of debt and into a future of financial peace.

One of the drastic budgets cuts we made we food. (My favorite part of the budget)

We are commited to living on $30 a week and that includes groceries and taxables like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Each week I plan on posting our success and my recipes that I have created within this margin of money.

God is good and has blessed us so much and we want to share with the world just how much he has in our lives already.

Join me in this journey!


-The Foodie

A Word From the Big Guy in the Sky…

Last night was an interesting night of squirrelled up anxiety and relief…

At one time I went from feeling collected and progressive to baffled and unmovable.

While this ping pong emotional fest was pounding away in my noggin, I lolligaged through the grocery store for essentials like green tea and deodorant…

My fiance was doing his best to settle this rocky ship on the storm brewing inside of me by sneaking in quick kisses and tactful tickle fights down the aisles.

He teased me with boxes of oreos that I relentlessly glanced at…

I knew if that if he purchased me that box they would be gone by the time we would get back his place.

Then we ventured down the ice cream aisle…

I started going nuts and contemplated the thought of  indulging in my weakness, but then the vision of my wedding dress popped into my head and the storm began quake with thunder.

I felt as if sharp lightning bolts spewed from my mouth and landed on my fiance who helplessly just stood there.

All emotional and strained out we decided to walk by the alcohol…

And this is what we saw…

I was never prom queen, BUT I was swept away by my prince charming..

I felt like a chicken butt for overreacting and taking my aggression on the one person who will always love and cherish me.

Therefore I scuffed away the idea of  creating my own six pack and settled for a raspberry tea.

 The purpose of this post  lies within a Bible verse that was given to me this morning…

Psalm 141:3: “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” 

You know I can allow the world to drive me to drink, but a drunk conversation is a sloppy one and is usually not one to be remembered.

Despite the struggles inside that we as humans always face on a day to day basis, our words can still be purposeful and uplifting rather than destructive.

Just a thought.

Thanks for listening to me rant,

-The Foodie

Turning Up the Heat

Crazy, tired, hungry, and all over theplace… the heat was getting to me.

It was the night of our weekly Bible study and I wanted to prepare a snack to bring.

Naturally I wanted to prepare something quick and easy due to lack of time, so I decided to make the Karmel Apple Oooey Gooey Chewies.

I had already gotten off my internship and then work and was just about to get started with the snack when my fiance calls to tell me was going to be very late.

He asked me to make the chicken that was still in his freezer for dinner…

Well I did not have time to sit around and fight frozen chicken breasts with a Walmart butterknife…

I got a little agitated because of his out there request and my already burned out brain did not catch my rookie baking mistake…

Frustrated at myself for leaving all of the aluminum pans at other peoples’ houses that I knew I would never see again, I grabbed a baking sheet and placed wax paper on it….

I dumped the mixture for the Chewies and placed it into the oven…

I bet you can already see where I am going with this.

Well all of the sudden smoke begins to fill the entire efficiency apartment and I am running around opening the door, turning on all available fans, and standing with the oven mitts over my head flailing the smoke out the door.

Time was ticking and a part of me was still holding onto the hope that I could sneak a quick workout in.

Working fast, I yanked the cooled down wax paper with the mixture on top and flipped onto a frantically greased baking sheet.

Feeling like an idiot I threw it back into the oven and turned down the heat.

Stressed out and worn I managed to salvage the Karmel Apple Oooey Gooey Chewies.

Despite my grumpiness and fatigue everyone seemed to enjoy the treats immenesly.


Feel free to share your rookie baking and cooking mistakes.



The Foodie

Early bird gets the worm

Although there no worms involved, I must say the lines were pretty long this morning.

It summer session and all the freshmen get up 20 minutes early before the breakfast is open.

I have to get to work on time and as patient as I like to think I am, I really think its annoying trying to fight my way through a sea of tunnel visioned freshmen.

So I woke up bright and early, showered, and still had over half an hour before I had to make my way to the cafeteria.

I walked around a completely abandoned quad, where the only disturbance was the obnoxiously huge sprinklers watering the grass.

It was a peaceful sight…

One that allowed some good prayer time with the big man upstairs.

Relaxed and ready for my breakfast, I arrive 15 minutes early to the cafeteria.

There had to have been at least 20 people waiting already.

Although most of them decided that the rules of a line did not apply to them, I managed to get in and get out to make it to work with plenty of time to spare.

Morning rush? Nah…more like morning dawdle 🙂


-The Foodie