Wino In Training

This weekend my fiance and I enjoyed time with close relatives and lots of wine.

After gorging ourselves at a classy all-you -can -eat- anything -you- could- possibly -ever -want breakfast buffet, we decided to venture off in search of good spirits.

First we traveled to this lovely little shop called Weak Knee.

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Now this is not a store that sells wine, but sells you equiptment to make your own wine. The lady who worked was full of excitement and I do not if it was the free wine tasting or not, but we excitedly agreed to look into making our wine a hobby we could share…or secretly keep to myself… 

She gave us tastes to test from seven different wines all homemade there with their kits. I of course chose all dessert wines which are so sweet that needed no accompanying flavor to make my tongue happy.

My favorite flavors were their blackberry and blueberrry wines.

It tasted  like that first moment when you bite into a freshly baked blueberry pie when your teeth sink into a blueberry and your mouth explodes with rich juices.


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( By the way you’ve try this lady’s fresh blueberry pie recipe! It is to die for!)

 Mind you when we were all done here, it was noon and I probably had a total of one and half cups of wine…so by the start of the afternoon you could say I was feeling pretty good.

As if that wasn’t enoguh wine, the lady suggested we check out a winery that is local to that area after we enthustically discussed how much we want delicious wine at our wedding.

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So we get there and all we see are crowds of people doting upon local craft stands presumptuosly sipping their wine.  We step into the main store front and this cute little old lady says “Welcome to our Wine Festival!”

My fiance and I looked at eachother and at time thought “score!”

She handed us a folded sheet of paper with their flavors listed front and back. We were allowed to each choose five to taste.

At first I wanted to try all dessert wines, but I figured I might as well try something different.

I tried a white, blush, red, sweet, and dessert wine.  My fiance and I develop a rating system and wrote the number on  a scale of 1-10 (10 being best of course) beside each flavor we tried.

 Do not get me wrong the flavors, in all the wines I tasted were popping excitedly in my mouth. However, I feel as though the flavors of those wines would make more sense when paired with food. It just seemed as if my mouth was searching for another taste to wrap up the sip I had taken. I gave all of the other wines a try, but their blueberry wine was soo divine.

My fiance agreed with me and decided he was going to buy a bottle of that stuff. I never knew that was what was expected of us after a free wine tasting, but both we and his family were happy with our purchase.

As we left I got distracted by these

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I went to pet them and I literally felt as if their furry heads could be my pillow. I could not stop touching their heads…my fiance had to make me walk away…

Needless to say we brought the newly purchased beverage to his brother’s house party and  my future sister and cousins in law and I enjoyed it immensely.

If you know a place where you to wine and dine share your wino story 🙂


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